7 Films on the Bible with Pete Enns

What if the Bible is fine just the way it is? Not a well behaved Bible, where everything lines up and makes sense, but the messy, troubling, and weird Bible we actually have? What if the Bible doesn’t need to be protected and defended, but understood – just as it is? What if the real problem isn’t the Bible but the false expectations we sometimes bring to it? Perhaps, when we let the Bible be the Bible rather than what we expect if ought to be – or need it to be – we will find a deeper faith in the process. We hope these films with biblical scholar Pete Enns around the chapters in his book, The Bible Tells Me So will stir your imagination, deepen your trust in God, and that the Bible comes alive in new ways for Faith UCC and the Bryan/College Station communities. Join us on February 2nd at 10:30am as we worship and are led by Rev. Gates in a study of the film series.